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Abi Hellmich
24 Aug , 2023

Dashawn's Faves

Unveiling Dashawn's Exquisite World: Where Luxury Meets Coastal Charm

Today, we're stepping into the world of Dashawn, a true connoisseur of elegance, luxury, and all things splendid. While we playfully tease her for her boujee tendencies, we truly hope she takes it as the highest form of praise. With her unmatchable taste, Dashawn exudes luxury, grace, and class like a superstar – and we're here to spill the details on her favorite things that keep her world shimmering with elegance.

Her Obsession: Pura's Unify Salt Fragrance

Step into Dashawn's sanctuary, and you'll be enveloped in the captivating embrace of Unify Salt, a fragrance that transforms her space into a coastal haven. The notes of warm citrus, clary sage, freesia, and softwoods merge seamlessly, creating a scent that's beautifully sweet and beachy. Dashawn's obsession with Unify Salt is real, and she's taken it a step further with the newly introduced Unify Salt perfume. We're also thrilled to reveal that she'll soon be infusing her travels with the same enchanting aroma, thanks to the upcoming Pura Car Diffuser in the Unify Salt scent. Talk about carrying your love for luxury wherever you go!

What She Wants: The Consuela Thunderbird Uptown

Dashawn's love for lavish style finds its embodiment in the Consuela Thunderbird collection. While she already owns the Sling bag, she's got her heart set on the Thunderbird Uptown. Its neutral embossed snake-print exterior adds just the right touch of edge to her elegance. With this bag in tow, Dashawn effortlessly masters the art of looking chic and classy with a hint of audacious flair.


In Her Closet: A Symphony of Luxury and Neutrals

Open Dashawn's closet, and you'll be greeted by a parade of structured collars, puff sleeves, and fitted button-downs – her go-to fashion elements that epitomize her distinctive style. She's all about a color palette that resonates with understated elegance: creams, tans, and blacks. Recently, she added the cropped Julane Top from Kut to her collection, and we're eagerly awaiting her grand entrance in the Paula swing dress on her upcoming date night.

Her "Go-To" Gift: Mer Sea's Sea Change Fragrance

When it comes to gifts, Dashawn's top pick is anything from Mer Sea, and she's particularly smitten with the Sea Change fragrance. It's more than just a scent; it embodies the essence of transformation and new beginnings. With notes of sea salt, white tea, and driftwood, Sea Change encapsulates the promise of a fresh start, and Dashawn loves to share that feeling with others through candles, lotions, and oils.



Unexpected Must-Have: Noodle & Boo 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash

In a delightful twist, Dashawn's unexpected must-have isn't a lavish accessory or fragrance, but rather a baby care product. As a dedicated and adoring Cava-Poo mom to Lulu, she swears by the Noodle & Boo 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash. After testing all the “smell good” dog shampoos, Dashawn found the only product that did the job for her baby was Noodle & Boo. 

Dashawn's world is a fusion of luxury, coastal charm, and a touch of the unexpected. From her passion for Unify Salt fragrances to her impeccable fashion sense, she embodies elegance with a dash of personality. So, here's to Dashawn, our boujee superstar, whose grace and class shine like a beacon of inspiration in a world that's always ready for a touch of opulence.


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