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Abi’s Faves - Miles and Bishop

Abi’s Faves


Abi Hellmich: The Brain of Miles & Bishop

 Meet Abi, a dynamic force at Miles & Bishop, where creativity meets determination. Abi is not just an employee; she is the embodiment of talent and drive, weaving her innovative spirit into every project she undertakes. Her passion for excellence is evident in her work, as she tirelessly ensures that each task is not just completed but elevated to a standard that reflects her unwavering commitment. Abi's presence at Miles & Bishop is a testament to the fusion of creativity and diligence, leaving an indelible mark on the workplace and the projects she undertakes.


Go-To gifting item: Allison Avery

 Abi's go-to gifting item is the exquisite jewelry crafted by Allison Avery, a brand synonymous with elegance and personalization. The allure lies in the unique charm bar feature that Allison Avery offers, allowing recipients to customize their necklaces with a touch of individuality. Abi appreciates the thoughtful touch that comes with gifting something so inherently personal. What makes Allison Avery truly special is its ability to evolve with the wearer over time – a gift that keeps on giving. As each charm is added, it becomes a tangible chronicle of memories and milestones, turning the jewelry into a cherished keepsake that transcends the ordinary.






What she wants: All the Consuela Kit print travel accessories

 Abi has set her sights on the epitome of stylish travel accessories – the Consuela Kit Print collection. The allure of this ensemble lies in its unique foiled leather with a captivating gold cheetah print exterior, exuding an unmistakable aura of “luxury”😉. The meticulous detailing, such as the natural leather trim, adds a touch of classic elegance to each item in the Kit Collection. Abi's desire for these accessories is not just about functionality; it's a testament to her penchant for combining practicality with a bold fashion statement. The Consuela Kit Print travel accessories stand as a symbol of Abi's discerning taste, reflecting her appreciation for well-crafted and aesthetically pleasing essentials that seamlessly blend into her on-the-go lifestyle.


In her closet: Easy to wear items with a little KUT from the Kloth

 Abi's style is effortlessly chic, embodying an earthy and comfortable aesthetic. Her wardrobe consists of easy-to-wear items that seamlessly blend comfort with casual elegance. The epitome of laid-back fashion, with a penchant for pieces that effortlessly transition from day to night. Kut from the Kloth denim features prominently in her collection, adding a touch of versatility and timeless appeal to her overall look. The brand's commitment to quality and style aligns perfectly with Abi's fashion philosophy, making Kut from the Kloth a staple in her wardrobe for both its comfort and enduring fashion statement.



Her obsession: California Mango

 Abi's love for California Mango goes beyond routine; it's a daily luxury. From the cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan formulas to the vitamin-rich delights of shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, scrubs, and lotions, she immerses herself in a California-inspired beauty ritual. Crafted in the state, each product embodies 'Fresh, Natural, Beautiful,' aligning seamlessly with Abi's values. It's not just skincare; it's a sensory journey, enriching her daily routine with the essence of California Mango. California Mango also offers various product sizes, for instance Abi will be using Mango’s travel size bottle for teacher gifts this year. So if you are a teacher of Ryman or Rainey you’re in for a treat! 😊


An unexpected must have: Tushbaby


Abi's unexpected must-have is the Tushbaby, a game-changer in the realm of baby-carrying gear. Functioning like a fanny pack but with unparalleled convenience, the Tushbaby is a hip seat that revolutionizes the art of carrying infants. This simple yet innovative baby carrier wraps around her waist, providing a secure shelf-like seat for her little one while adhering to the recommended M-shaped position for the baby's hips. The ingenious design not only offers comfort to Abi by alleviating strain on her back, arms, and hips but also doubles as a storage space for baby essentials like diapers and wipes. It seamlessly combines practicality and comfort, making it an indispensable accessory in Abi's daily routine. After-all it’s easier to spend the $100 on a tushbaby now, than $10,000 on a new rotator cuff in the future.


And then lastly, I just want to brag on Abi for a moment. She is the glue that holds Miles & Bishop together, without her creativity and at times a little ADHD Miles & Bishop would not be what it is right now. She truly is the best at what she does and we appreciate so much. Abi is such a good person to know, but she's an even better friend!

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