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Market Recap - Miles and Bishop

Hey y'all! Abi here, and I am beyond excited to share our recent adventure attending the Atlanta Apparel Mart for Miles and Bishop, your favorite retail store in Union City, TN. Let me tell you, it was quite the experience! We always return from these shopping trips inspired and excited for the next season.

First things first, let's talk about the chaos that is packing. We all have our unique styles when it comes to getting ready. Dashawn, well, she's the ultimate planner. She starts organizing her packing situation a whopping three weeks in advance in case she needs to make any last minute fit purchases from M&B. Abi, on the other hand, is a bit of a last-minute girl, packing just a week before the trip. And Olivia, bless her heart, is always sitting on her suitcase, desperately trying to zip it up as we're walking out the door. It's a comedy of errors, but somehow we manage to make it work every time.

ATL Market Packing List

Preparing for Market is a whole other ballgame. We deep dive into the numbers, running sales reports to study buying trends and inventory levels. It's crucial to understand what our customers want and anticipate their needs. We also do our research on trend forecasts, staying ahead of the game and ensuring we bring in the hottest styles. And of course, we determine a budget based on the previous year's sales to make sure we're making smart investments.

Now, let's get into some tips for conquering Market like a pro. First and foremost, know where to find the essentials: food, bathrooms, and coffee. These places are like an oasis in the bustling sea of fashion. Trust me, you'll need your caffeine fix to keep up with all the excitement.

Another crucial tip is to plan your day wisely and know your floors. The Atlanta Apparel Mart is a massive place, with 14 floors of fashion heaven. Mapping out your schedule and familiarizing yourself with the layout will save you tons of time and ensure you don't miss out on any must-see vendors.

When it comes to appointments, be sure to dedicate a specific day to meeting with your existing vendors. These are the people you've built relationships with, and nurturing those connections is essential. But don't forget to leave some time for exploration and discovery. Market is a treasure trove of new brands and exciting possibilities, so be open to finding hidden gems.

If you're lucky enough to have a team with you, divide and conquer. Splitting up allows you to cover more ground and maximize your opportunities. And here's a little pro tip: take pictures of everything you purchase or are thinking about purchasing. Trust me, it will save you from ordering duplicates and serve as a helpful reference when those orders start rolling in.

Now, this is crucial: no impulse buys! It's easy to get caught up in the excitement and make impulsive decisions, but you need to stay focused on your budget and buying plan. Take a step back, analyze the options, and make informed choices. You won't regret it.

Lastly, network, network, network! Market is not just about the fashion; it's also about building relationships. Talk to other retailers, share ideas, and make connections. You never know when a casual conversation can lead to an incredible opportunity.

Attending the Atlanta Apparel Mart was a whirlwind of fashion, trends, and unforgettable moments. It's a place where dreams are born, and the future of retail takes shape. So, to all my fellow fashion enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs, I hope these tips help you make the most out of your Market experience.

Until next time, and remember, you gotta look fresh to be fresh! Honey, you’ve got this!



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