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Olivia's Faves - Miles and Bishop

Today we are highlighting some of Olivia's absolute "must have" items that are in-store. In this blog we will talk about her go-to gifts, items that can be found in her closet, her current obsessions, an item that she wants *wink wink*, and last but not least an unexpected must have that she may have thought she wouldn’t need, but has totally loved.


Her Go-To Gifting Item: Colors For Good Bracelet

Olivia’s go-to gift of choice are the Colors For Good Bracelets. These bracelets  symbolize friendship and shared commitment to making a positive impact. They serve as a beautiful reminder of their unity and the important causes they support. Colors for Good Bracelets are made responsibly by employing and empowering women from State of Yucatán, in Mexico, who have limited access to job opportunities. Each bracelet directly contributes towards improving their quality of life.  Another really neat thing about Colors For Good bracelets is they are known to have color therapy. This means the color you choose could raise your vibe and change your mood!



What she wants: Any Consuela in Kyle

To know Consuela, is to love Consuela. Consuela’s philosophy is The Art of the Unmatched, which blends purposeful contradictions that yield the unexpected. And the Kyle pattern is no exception. This design was made for Olivia, with its gunmetal textured synthetic exterior Kyle shines bright, and if you know Olivia you know she loves all the glitz and glam. She loves this pattern so much she couldn’t narrow it down to just one item, but I mean… who could blame her? Their motto is Make Today Ridiculously Awesome, Olivia would say with having this Consuela it would make EVERY DAY ridiculously awesome!

Her Obsession: Amber Blends - Invoke

Has anyone ever walked past you and you immediately thought “OMG what are they wearing?!” And I’m not talking when you see someone wearing last seasons shoes. I’m talking about what perfume is she wearing, in Olivia's case that would be Amber Blends Invoke. Invoke Essence combines the original Ambre Essence with jasmine, neroli, sandalwood and a touch of rose. This enchanting fragrance captivates the senses with its unique blend of exotic elements. This scent is sweet and uplifting with a musky, woodsy, warm fresh undertone. With its alluring and long-lasting scent, Invoke by Amber Blends is the perfect fragrance for Olivia. You may not see Ambre on our online store, but we are a local retailer for Ambre Blends So come in to see us or give us a call, if your are interested. You won't be disappointed!

What's in her closet: All the fun tops

As you can tell from the cover photo of this blog Olivia lives for all the tops that make a statement. Pictured is the THML | Camilla Top, it has sheer sleeves featuring a geometric design and is right up Olivia's alley. Anytime she's at market all the tops with fun sleeves, glitter, sparkle, or ruffles are the ones Olivia gravitates to. Olivia's wardrobe is a treasure trove of whimsy and charm, thanks to her undying love for tops with fun details. From polka dots that dance like confetti at a party to tops adorned with playful ruffles that make every day feel like a celebration, Olivia knows that life is too short for plain old tees. She collects stripes, ruffles, and so much more. It's not just fashion; it's her way of spreading joy and reminding us all to embrace the delightful details that make life extraordinary.

Her Unexpected Must-Have: Illume’s Citrus Crush Fragrance 

Olivia's obsession with Illume's Citrus Crush Fragrance is nothing short of citrusy madness! Her nose becomes a detective, seeking out that zesty, sunshine-infused scent like a bloodhound on a mission. Grounded in Balsamic sandalwood, with a heart of muddled summer fruit, and kissed with sun-ripened mandarin, Illume’s Citrus Crush is a true must-have for Olivia!



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