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Abi Hellmich
22 Oct , 2023

Haley Mullins: The Unicorn Behind the Scenes at Miles and Bishop

Meet Haley Mullins, the enigmatic force steering the ship behind the scenes at Miles and Bishop. As our online sales manager, Haley not only manages the ebb and flow of our inventory but also possesses a style and personality that's truly one-of-a-kind—a unicorn in the world of fashion.

Go-To Gifting Item: Emerson & Oliver Dia Bracelets

Haley's go-to when it comes to gifting is none other than Emerson & Oliver's Dia bracelets. Stainless steel springs worn as bangles, they're both water-safe and timeless. Haley, with her witty charm, opts for a mixed metal ensemble with lava rock beads to absorb her Ambre Oil perfume. According to her, the bigger the stack, the better—making it the perfect gift for any woman.


What She Wants: All the Kut from the Kloth Charlize Jeans

Haley's denim game is strong, and her heart belongs to Kut from the Kloth's Charlize High Rise Cigarette leg jeans. With her knack for customization, she tailors the raw hems to hit just the right spot. The faded and whiskered design adds a touch of easygoing style, a perfect fit for Haley's versatile wardrobe.



In Her Closet: All the Coastal Grandma Style

Channeling Coastal Grandma vibes, Haley effortlessly combines classic style with comfort. Her fashion mantra revolves around coverage, comfort, and style. A Coastal Grandma, as Haley embodies, is effortlessly stylish, put-together without trying too hard, an impeccable host, and appreciates the finer things while maintaining an approachable demeanor. Because, after all, being a Coastal Grandma is a state of mind rather than an age or location.




Her Obsession: Dainty Layering Necklaces

Dainty necklaces are Haley's signature accessory, with a soft spot for Bare Boheme's delicate pieces. From tiny crosses to precious stones, she adorns herself with layers that add a subtle yet significant touch to her style.



 Her Unexpected Must-Have: Clara Cotton Craft Kits

In an unexpected turn, Haley has found joy in Clara Cotton Craft Kits. Despite her aversion to directions, she's embraced the world of cross-stitch and embroidery, surprising everyone with her newfound passion. Brace yourselves; this Christmas might bring homemade goodies straight from Haley's sewing kit.


Step into the eclectic world of Haley Mullins at Miles and Bishop, where practicality meets style, and every detail is curated with a touch of unicorn magic. From Dia bracelets to Coastal Grandma vibes, Haley's choices reflect not just fashion but a lifestyle that's uniquely her own—a tapestry woven with threads of style, wit, and unexpected passions.


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